Sailing for months, sometimes years can be tough. Sailors endure being away with their families, harsh waves, and not being disconnected from what they are used to seeing when they are on land, but they make good stories for a blog. In this case, for August Pill.

Sinktheshipband.com is a personal blog of August Pill, a former sailor who writes about his adventures as a sailor. This website used to be his diary, but he decided to open it to the public because he thought that people could learn a thing or two from his experiences. August relates every single day of his time while sailing to every day relatable life lessons. He can vividly remember every single day that he was on board the ship, and tells us his story as he manages his nautical-inspired restaurant in Florida.

Aside from August, he has a team of writers who assist him in managing this website. For the days that he is not writing for the website, his amazing writers come up with great content that will make you want to get on a ship right away. This website was created out of passion, and he hopes that you learn something from it every time you visit.

Welcome to sinktheshipband.com!