Useful Tips For Beating Your Meat

On the first day, God created light and divided nights and days. On subsequent days, God created the atmosphere, ground, plants, Sun, stars, and animals. Then, on the sixth day, God created Adam and placed him into the Garden of Eden.

Adam did gardening, enjoyed the Sun and rivers, peaceful evenings on the porch. One particular night, he started getting stiffy in the lower part of his body and started stroking his peepee. A couple of days later, he wanted to make the feeling better. He asked God to remove two of his ribs so he could, you know… “Easy there, Marylin Manson,” said God and took only one rib to create Eve. Despite Eve being there, Adam was still going solo now and then.

On a personal level, we started doing it in early teen years, but on a humankind level, we’ve been doing it since the dawn of time. Although the formula has always worked perfectly, is there any way we could make it even better? Let’s find out!

The Pleasure That Masturbating Gives

For some reason, we’ve been led to believe that masturbation is something bad, and something we should avoid doing. However, it backfired since it only made it more fun. But, is it actually true? Aside from the pleasure we get from it, are there any other benefits?

Yes, there are! Masturbation is a great way to relieve yourself of stress and tension. Furthermore, it helps you concentrate, and your sleep quality becomes better. All of this results in an elevated overall mood, and you’ll be able to perform better in the bed as you build up your stamina. Some studies also show that it can increase fertility.

Set the Mood

Masturbating feels best when you’re in the mood for it. Sure, you can just whip your partner out and do a tug of war simulation, but you won’t enjoy that. The best thing to do is to set the right mood and get yourself horny.

Reminisce about previous experiences or start thinking about (i.e., imagining) your sexual fantasy. That’ll get the juices flowing. Then, all you need to do is draw the curtains and make sure nobody busts in through your door unexpectedly.

Switch Positions

Once you’re in the right mood for it, there are several things you can do to switch up your standard procedure. One of the ways you can do it is by switching positions. That doesn’t have to entail anything extraordinary — it’s just playful. Try doing it standing, lying down with a pillow under your hips, kneeling, etc. It doesn’t have to be meaningful. The idea is to try out something new, which will make it feel different.

Edge Multiple Times

Edging is a great technique for enhancing your masturbation, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands. Basically, to edge means to get close to an orgasm but not get over that point where you actually cum.

Stroke your penis gently, touch it around the glans, and so on. The point is to make the masturbation longer and make yourself crave the orgasm. Once you do cum eventually, it’ll be more intense and way more satisfying. Another benefit to it is that you can build up your sex stamina this way so that you will last longer in bed. It’s great for your sex life when it includes more than just yourself!

Switch Hands

Switching hands can be a weird thing to do, especially at first. Using your less-dominant hand will make you feel inexperienced, and it’ll be like you’re getting a handjob from a first-timer. But, once you get used to it and learn how to stroke correctly, it’ll feel great. Your other hand will touch your penis at a different angle, it’ll grip it differently, and the overall sensation will be different. It’s an easy way to switch things up!

Vary the Strokes

Similarly to edging, changing the tempo of your strokes is also a way that’ll make you last longer, alongside making masturbation more fun. Try going slower and easier on your buddy, or do the opposite. Ideally, you’d want to combine the two — jerk off hard for a few moments, then go slow again.

These sudden changes in speed will make your penis more sensitive, and the release will be more pleasurable. The difficulty with this (as well as edging) is that we tend to lose discipline when we feel the orgasm coming closer, so it’s best done if you have a partner who can lend you a hand.

Touch Your Whole Body

Don’t focus on just one piece of your body (i.e., your boner). Instead, touch yourself all over. For instance, your balls have a lot of nerve endings — cupping and massaging them during masturbation will feel great. If you’re into nipple play, do yourself a favor. And, if you’re ready to experiment over there, prostate massage while masturbating will bring a whole new meaning to the word orgasm.

Furthermore, you don’t have to localize your touches just to erogenous zones. Your whole body gets sensitive when you’re horny, so touching any part of your skin will feel nice. It’ll certainly intensify the experience.

Use Realistic Fake Pussy

Using a male sex toy is a tried-and-tested method for enhancing jacking off. There are a plethora of these toys on the market, and you’re bound to find something that’ll suit you. The best fake pussy out there is a realistic one that will simulate the feeling of some skin-on-skin action and you can easily order one from lovegasm.

Since the sex toy industry is well-developed, you can order a fake pussy modeled to resemble your favorite pornstar’s crotch! And the best thing is, you can cum in a fake pussy without having to worry about it being late (although the cleanup won’t be pleasant).

Read Erotica Instead of Watching Porn

Finally, you should consider giving erotica a shot over watching porn. Porn shows you some action, but being a voyeur doesn’t stimulate the creative side of your brain as much. Alternatively, well-written literotica can get your brain imagining stuff, which will make you way hornier than if you just saw it on a website.