10 Professional Mistakes Seafarers Should Never Make Onboard Ships (With Real Incidents)

There is no dearth of stress on board ships. Ask a seafarer and you will know what it takes to work on board. It is the ultimate test of both physical and mental strength.

No mariner is born smart! One has to learn the ropes of the game, avoid the pit falls, and play it safe.
In this difficult job market, a mariner must know what not to do in order to prevent any kind of professional trouble.

But every sea going professional knows that under excessive work pressure at sea, mistakes are bound to happen. So how does one save work related trouble?

It is by keeping note of basic yet important things while working on board ship. Here are ten mistakes a professional seafarer should never want to make on ship.

1. Never follow Illegal or Irrelevant Orders

Whether you are a rating, an operational level officer, or …

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A Ship in the Storm – Interview with Captain Henri Scheer

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of media coverage of the destructive power of the tropical cyclones that have hit the Caribbean islands and southeastern parts of the United States. Captain Henri Scheer explains how Hapag-Lloyd’s fleet deals with these kinds of situations.

Captain Scheer, in recent weeks, the tropical cyclones Irma and Maria have passed over the Caribbean and the southeastern United States, leaving a trail of destruction in their paths. The storms have left many dead, destroyed countless homes and severely damaged the infrastructure of entire regions. However, we haven’t heard anything about container ships being damaged or in distress at sea in the affected maritime region. Why is that?

First and foremost, that’s because our ships have been able to avoid these storms. These hurricanes form over a longer period of time, and their paths can be projected quite reliably. Depending on the situation, our …

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